Historic Garfield District - Virtual Field Trip

This immersive Virtual Field Trip (iVFT) tells the story of the Historic Garfield Neighborhood in Downtown Phoenix. The area has experienced significant changes during the last forty years, and this transition has revealed both challenges and benefits associated with gentrification and revitalization.

iVFTs educate and tell stories by combining high resolution photography, videography, 360 degree photos and videos, and other interactive, immersive elements that reside on an intelligent tutoring system that allows users to ask and answer questions while providing real-time, adaptive feedback. Content acquisition utilizes traditional, photo, video, and spherical cameras. This iVFT system has been developed by Arizona State University’s Center for Education Through Exploration.

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Virtual Field Trip Team:

Brandon Friedman

I learned how to do quite a few things. I learned how to color correct in photoshop, as well as how to do simple edits in Premiere Pro. However to me, the most important thing I’ve learned how to operate multiple types of cameras. From 4K DSL’s to 3D cell phones, I’ve done it all.

This project is important to not only me, but my team. Everyone of us have put so much blood, sweat, and tears into the various pieces of media we’ve produced in the past two weeks. It will be a great joy for all of us to see the fruits it will bear.

Bianca Hurtado

Throughout this project I improved on my photoshop skills and interview skills. I learned things that I never knew about before this.I learned how to hear people's opinions open-minded and that everyone's opinion does matter I enjoyed taking 360 photos the most but overall this experience and being able to tell the story of Garfield was something I will never forget.

This project is important to me because sometimes I feel that people aren’t grateful for what they have so telling this story on Garfield show that someone always has it worse than you and you and you should be grateful for what you do have.

Aubrey Harvey

Throughout this project I learned more about how to interview someone. How to ask questions about what we want to know about. I also learned more about photoshop. Before this I didn’t know much about photoshop. I also learned how to take a 360 picture. Also learned more about how a video gets edited and finding out how to make the video more exciting.

This project was important because I like to find different ways to tell a story. Also I wanted to see if video production is something I would be interested in. Also learning about a new place I never knew about.

Sandra Beltran

Throughout this project I learned how to improve my interviewing skills. It is important to know how to interview because everyone’s point of view is important. We all have a story to share. I also learned that there are multiple ways of showing a story. Such as VFT’s (Virtual Field Trips), which can take you to a place in the world virtually. Within that, there are 360 photographs and videos that can be seen. I had the chance to take a couple 360 pictures with a sphere camera and within that sphere camera, there were 36 cameras. This captured the surroundings of the camera. This project was definitely a great experience for me. Many learning skills improved.

This project was important to me because I believe that everyone’s story should be heard. Without everyone’s voice, nothing would be interesting. Although I had never heard of a city called Garfield, it was amazing to hear about the people’s story. They all had their different opinions. I hope to see Garfield thrive throughout the upcoming years.

Will Eggert

This project taught me how to work with people from around the state in a controlled, sufficient manner that I’m not really used to back home. I learned how to communicate with people using technology and new techniques I have never tried before. I knew about VFT’s before I came here, but I never knew the amount of time and effort that was put into them. I feel that I have learned how to work sufficiently in a group to get the job done, and what it takes to create an amazing learning tool

This project was important to me because it taught me about neighborhoods that are so community oriented, this type of mindset is what makes communities and societies so strong together and successful. This project taught me that there is still hope for the communities around the world, that communities are coming together for the betterment of the globe. I feel like I can take this experience and use it to better myself and try to help other people and communities.

Jennifer Maldonado

What I learned throughout this project was how to communicate with people through virtual technology. I got the opportunity to read and ask questions when we were interviewing the people of Garfield. I got to hear different perspectives and points of view of what had been happening in the Garfield community. I especially learned the true meaning of “Gentrification” and “Revitalization,” how it really is a problem and how more people have to be familiarized with the topic.

This project is important to me because it didn’t just inspire me educationally, but personally as well because I got to hear different stories of how people are being forced out of their homes owing to the fact that they can't afford to live in their childhood homes. When interviewing Blanca Collazo, a 17 year old girl who has lived in Garfield her whole life, and when realizing that gentrification is happening in her community, she decided to do something about it. This inspired me to open a club at my school so that us, as well as future generations, are aware of the topic in order to make a difference. The current and future generations have to be that change, because gentrification is happening, and not just in the Garfield community, but through different communities throughout the country. I hope that with this project, it gets everyone’s attention. Especially younger generations so that we can try and help prevent this from happening as well as stopping it.

Aedan Rivas

Throughout this project I learned how to work as a team to produce one project. I learned how to create incredible things with software I was unfamiliar with. I learned things that I did not expect I would have learned or do, like being able to record my voice for a voice over.

This project was important to me because after being able to interview the residents and people that have an insight of what is really going on in the neighborhood makes me feel connected to the story and their community in a way.

Kaitlyn Martinez

Through this project I learned how to communicate and work with peers to complete a project.

This project is important to me because it gave me a chance to express my interests while also learning new things about the world I live in and the different ways I can interact with it.